The Unexplored


Gentle, unique and deep, this film only incidentally concerns cave diving. It is a documentary about the meaning of inner and outer exploration, about human nature and the extraordinary life of extreme cave diving explorers. Far from the mainstream and truly independent, The Unexplored presents a direct and very personal perspective, through the eyes of the people leading the most challenging and rewarding life of exploration there is… Read more about the film…

About Us

Our daily routine as underwater cave explorers and paraglider pilots takes us to the most dangerous and extreme environments on the planet. We have the unique chance to witness sights and beauties that very few people can see. Out of our desire to share the richness of those experiences ATI Pictures was born. With dedication to exploring the possibility of filming in difficult and extreme environments, we aim to further the human knowledge and inspiration.

What was started as a cave diving film project has grown into a full service film and photo studio. We can now facilitate and execute any filming or photo project from the very inception of the idea through the post-production. Under or above the water, in a submerged cave or the tropical jungle, on the trails and rock faces or into the clouds above the mountains we can produce, direct, shoot or provide assistance and logistics for any artistic project.

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