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The Unexplored



Unique in many ways this film is about cave diving and much more. Far from the mainstream and truly independent, “The Unexplored” presents the cave diving in a very direct and personal way, through the eyes of the people doing it. The amazingly beautiful submerged caves of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are the ideal setting for this story about the human spirit and the never ending desire for exploration. The films follows the explorers from ATI Exploration Team, led by the meditation teacher Ivo, who share their experiences and knowledge about the caves, the skills and attitude required in such a risky activity as cave diving.

Quick Facts

Duration : 38 min

Location : Most of the footage was filmed in Ixtlan Cave System in Mexico, the longest single entrance underwater cave system in the world.


Ivo Kalushev – Director, Writer, Producer

Deyan Iliev – Camera operator, Support Diver

Ivailo Ivanov – Logistics coordinator

Niki Zlatkov – Amazing kid 🙂

Peter Kolev  – Support Diver, Surface Support

Nevena Staeva – Surface Support

Plamen Statev – Support Diver, Surface Support


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“..Both the film making and the content of this feature are simply unbelievable..” – from IMDB

“..It is so much more than a diving movie – it is a movie about the life and the soul..” – from IMDB

“..Really beautiful images, very deep thoughts and some amazing filmmaking here..” – from IMDB

“..For me, as a non-diver and non-caver this is opening a door to a world which I would never see otherwise..” – from IMDB

“..a gentle approach to nature, great team spirit, great people..” – from IMDB

“..Definitely inner exploration of the highest order..” – from IMDB

“..there is something very, very special about this movie..” – from IMDB

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