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“The Unexplored” with subtitles in Spanish

Estamos felices de anunciar la traducción al español de “Lo Inexplorado”…. por fin! 🙂 Use el botón CC para activar los subtítulos. Muchas gracias a Claudia de este! El código promocional Ixtlan2015 sigue activo para la visión libre. Spanish subtitles, at last! 🙂 You can activate them with the CC button, as with all other translations. The”ATIPWS” […]

Some more cave exploration footage

From Ivo’s Timeline: “Since the release of our movie a lot of divers from around the world had written us, requesting that we post more exploration footage and tell a bit more about our exploration projects. I have been wanting to write the story of the Ixtlan exploration for a while now, and I may […]

The Poster!!!

Enjoy the poster for our documentary “The Unexplored”. It was nicely made by our friend Hristian with some feature photography by Ivo. The film itself was made with the kind help of The Cleardeep Foundation. We want to thank everyone for their support during the production of this movie, which has not been easy. We […]